Office renovation 2015 AEIMA’s primary field of operation is importing and servicing generators and engines for marine applications. The brief called for the relocation of the offices on one floor instead of two. Taking advantage of natural light, the rooms were layed out in the perimeter around a central -wood panelled- volume that contains the … Read More

Nea Penteli

Condominium renovation 2016 A three storie apartment renovation in the suburbs of Athens. Living areas were scattered in various levels (the kitchen -where the family spent most of their time- was located in the basement, the parents needed a larger bedroom, while one of the children slept in the attic) The task was to logically … Read More

Antique Store

Martinos 50 Pandrosou Street, Monastiraki, Athens Renovation of a landmark antique store in Athens. A new mezzanine maximizes exhibition space, while the choice of an almost neutral interior highlights the unique objects in display. Design & construction 2006 Architecture project team: Philippos Photiadis, Sergios Photiadis, Yannis Stathopoulos | Lighting design: George Fatseas | Construction: Mimi Kyrkinis … Read More