Competition for the Redevelopment of an Industrial Building into a School 2014 | with Michael Photiadis Architects and Dionisis Zacharias Architects     The competition involved the conversion of an old industrial structure, to house part of St Catherines school facilities. Although regular in plan the former industrial structure had a number of irregularities in section … Read More


Proposal for restoration of the exhisting factory building compound to house the ministry of culture and its services. Green spaces are inserted both at the open spaces between the buildings as well as inside the existing structures. The resulting proposal, while respecting the vocabulary of the present buildings, proposes a flexible layout system based on mass production and prefabrication. 2014| with Michael … Read More

Psirri tale

A proposal for a new urban datum, as an answer to the unexplainable decay in the center of Athens due to lack of political involvement.  

Public Square, Kasteli, Spetses

The proposal seeks to upgrade the surrounding area and works both as a promenade and a connector between the lower and higher levels of the site. Since the intervention takes place on top of an existing cistern, landscaping is mostly limited to the surface, thus minimizing the excavation and reducing construction costs. The layout of … Read More

Make Omonoia Square Green

An invitation from Home Magazine for ideas on how to plant Omonoia Square. The proposal resembles an Advertisement, a kit of parts with which one can make their own miniature square and plant it as they wish. A social comment on the endless debate and complaints on the subject of Omonoia and limited green spaces … Read More


Aquarium, Spata, Attika The brief called for the exterior shell of the 8000 m2 structure to house an aquarium, part of the Attica Zoological Park.In order to avoid a massive volume, one of the initial choices was to create smaller “boxes that would ensure construction simplicity. These were subsequently connected in a telescopic way and rotated … Read More

Plateia Theatrou: Diversity & Cohesion

International architectural competition for the recreation of the Theatrou square in Athens. 2010, 3rd prize with Alexandra Stratou, Dionisis Zaharias. The proposal celebrates local diversity: historical layering and continuity, dissimilar spatial envelopes, flows, cohabitation and tolerance, are used to reverse stagnation and engender a vibrant mixed use area. A space generating system is devised using diversity … Read More

BLOCK 39: strips and loops

CENTER FOR PROMOTION OF SCIENCE OF THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA Competition entry 2010 With Alexandra Stratou, Dionisis Zaharias. Block 39 within the larger urban context Block 39 is accessible from an intricate network of traffic arteries that define its boundaries. The proposal takes advantage of the block’s ac­cessibility while its main goal is to introduce … Read More

Rethink Athens

Urban Reforestation Rethink Athens Competition entry, 2012 Philippos Photiadis with: Ask Architects Urbanization has displaced nature, locking natural ground – earth – in pockets contained by hard surfaces. Athens lacks parks, but most urgently, it lacks green infrastructure in public spaces, the vast majority of which are asphalt paved streets. We use the site as the … Read More