efood Offices Extension – ground floor

Neo Heraklion, Attica

The 550 m2 project extends on the ground floor and basement of a building previously inhabited by the local IKA (social security services) and a bank.

One of the main objectives was an open plan space organization that would promote the collective and communal aspect inherit in the company’s philosophy. Meanwhile the brief called for spaces with different levels of privacy, flexibility in the way of working and in the way individual departments are defined and divided.

On the ground floor an L shaped route leads from the main entrance, to an open-air collective area in the back, as well as meeting rooms and service areas in the basement, while it defines an open plan -elevated- work area. Small cubic volumes, used as meeting rooms or head offices, are strategically placed in the space to define workgroup areas for the various departments.

Design-Construction 2021 -2022

Project Architect: Philippos Photiadis, Project Team: Sergios Fotiadis, Panos Giannakopoulos, Evi Stavroulaki, Andi Beloulai, Theodora Giafi | Mechanical Engineering: J.E. Papagrigorakis  & Associates| Lighting Design: A. Danilof | Acoustics: A. Argoudelis | Construction: M. Kokosalakis – N. Lagos | Photos: George Vdokakis